NH DCYF Judicial Reporting: JCC-II

See NH's other JCC too!

The JCC-II has WWW space within the state government, but separate from the three branches and other entities given top billing in the state hierarchy.

The JCC-II organized themselves in 2001 and is now accepting complaints. Their home page says:

The Judicial Conduct Commission was established by the Legislature under Chapter 267 of the Laws of 2001 (Senate Bill 197) to hear complaints of judicial misconduct and recommend or impose discipline where appropriate. The eleven-member commission is comprised of a majority of lay people and is totally independent of other branches of government.
When you write your complaint to file with the JCC-II, match particular actions by the judge with applicable sections of the JCC-II's Code of Judicial Conduct. That will save the committee quite a bit of time in their review and formulation of charges.

JCC-I and JCC-II have slightly different Codes of Conduct. The differences are not material as far as DCYF cases go.

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Last updated 2002 Feb 17.