Upon completion of this lesson, you should be able to:


Inbox and Assigning Assessment Risk For this unit, we will sign on as the Assessment Unit Supervisor, Ben N. Jerry (UserID = bjerry, password = training). We will access the Macarena2 referral, review the referral, assigned it a "severe" assessment risk level, and assign it to an Assessment worker, Rob Banks.
Note: The Assessment Supervisor will access this referral from the Inbox, since it was a transfer referral into the assessment unit. BRIDGES will place the referral in the Inbox of the Assessment Unit. The Assessment Supervisor should review the information, and click on the referral acceptance button. The assessment supervisor must record the assessment acceptance and acceptance risk level via the Override button before assigning it to an assessment worker. The Override button allows a supervisor a one time opportunity to assign the assessment risk level.
  1. From the Main toolbar, click on the Inbox button.
  2. Click on the Unit/Group radio button.
  3. Ensure that "Manchester" appears in the DCYF office picklist.
  4. Click on the Unit/Group picklist and choose "Jerry, B. - Assessment 20" (the inset grid is populated with data).
  5. Ensure that Macarena2 is highlighted and click on [Show] appears above a blank screen titled "Referral/Assessment - Macarena2")
  6. Click on the Referral button. (The Referral toolbar appears.) (The Referral/Assessment toolbar
  7. Click on the Ref Accept button. (The "Referral Acceptance - Macarena2" screen appears.)
  8. Click on the Assessment Risk button. (The Assessment Risk dialog box appears.)
  9. Click on the Severe radio button, then click in the Recommendations mandatory field and type some comments.
  10. Click on the [OK] command button.(You are returned to the "Referral Acceptance - Macarena2" screen.)
  11. Click on the [Cancel] button .
Assigning the Assessment
  1. From the Referral toolbar, click on the Workload button. (The Referral/Assessment toolbar appears.)
  2. Click on the Assign button (the Assign/Transfer dialog box appears)
  3. Click on the [New] command button. Select the Assign to Worker radio button. Select "Jerry, B - Assessment 20" from the Unit/Group picklist, and select "Rob Banks" from the worker picklist.
  4. Click on the [OK] button.
Entering a New Collateral
Note: The collateral inf. can be copied to the case from the referral/assessment Enter the Coil Inf. screen and use the copy command button to select and copy collaterals inf. into the Case.
  1. From the Referral toolbar, or the Assessment toolbar, or the Case toolbar, click on Coil Inf. (The "Collateral Information - [case name]" screen appears.)
  2. If no collaterals have been entered yet, complete the information on the screen for the new collateral you are entering. If there are collaterals entered already, they will show in the inset grid at the top of the screen. Use the [Clear] command button to set focus on the new collateral to be entered (a blank link appears in the inset grid).
  3. When you have entered collateral information on the screen, Click on the [Add] button to make a record of the collateral in the database

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