Upon completion of this lesson, you should be able to:


Review contact from child's relative
  1. Sign on as UserID = rbanks, Password = training. Access your workload and select case Macarena.
Note: To enter the contact, you would have clicked on New and completed the collateral contact screen. (If Lucy Lambada does not appear in the picklist, you need to add her name to the collateral inf. section- See Unit 4)
  1. From the Case toolbar, click on the Services button. From the Case Services toolbar, click on Contacts (the select contact dialog box appears). Select Lucy Lambada and click on [Show] (the "client contact information-Macarena" screen appears).
Note: The collateral inf. can be copied to the case from the referral/assessment Enter the Coil Inf. screen and use the copy command button to select and copy collaterals inf. into the Case.
  1. View the contact information entered.

  1. Access the Case toolbar (from the client contact screen, click on workload).
  2. From the Case toolbar, click on Case Plan (the Case Planning toolbar appears above an empty screen).
Note: to enter a new assessment, you would click on New and complete the family and child assessment screens.
  1. Click on the Assess button (the select case assessment dialog box appears).
  2. Select the assessment and click on [Show] (the client case plan assess toolbar appears).
  3. Click on the Family and child buttons to review the information.

Review dispositional study results filed with the court.
  1. From the client toolbar, click on Court (the court toolbar appears)
Note: Use the Child Prot. Report to record a court-required dispositional social study. You can also record the results of a social study in a Case Plan Assessment screen. It is accessed by clicking on Case Plan from the Case toolbar, and clicking on the Assess button.
  1. From the Court toolbar, click on Child Prot. Report (the select court report dialog box appears).
  2. Select the Dispositional Hearing and click on [Show] (If this were a new report, you would click on New.) Click on the Report button.
  3. The "Child Protection Report - Macarena" screen appears.
  4. Review the information documented regarding the worker's recommendations and dispositional social study information filed with the court.

Record the maternal aunt as a placement resource Since the worker has determined that a recommendation to place the child with the maternal aunt will be filed with the court, the aunt must now be entered as a placement resource in this case.
  1. Access the Resource toolbar by clicking on the Resource button from the Main toolbar, and click on the Directory button (the find resource dialog box appears).
  2. Click on the [New] button (the "General Information - New" screen appears below the directory toolbar).
  3. Enter the Resource information relative to Lucy Lambada.

Record the child as having a mild learning disability
  1. From the Case toolbar, click on the Client button. (The select client dialog box appears).
  2. Select Mary Macarena and click on [Show]. (The Client toolbar appears above a blank screen)
  3. Click on the Emp/Edu button (the Employment/Education toolbar appears, above a title bar "Employment - Macarena Mary Macarena).
  4. Click on the Spec Ed button (the "Special Education - Macarena - Mary Macarena" screen appears).
Note: The Spedis ID will eventually be populated from an automated interface; the worker can change or enter this data.
  1. The Education Coding multi-select box can be used to enter the child's mild learning disability.

Administrative Case Review For this demonstration, you should be signed on as Rob Banks (Userid = rbanks; Password = training) and navigate to the Macarena case.
Note: The Administrative Case Reviewer will sign on to NH BRIDGES with their own UserlD and Password; their name will appear in the "reviewer" field on the Administrative Case Review screen.
  1. From the Case toolbar, click on the Other button. (The "Other Case Information" window appears) .
  2. From the Case Other toolbar, click on the Case Review button. (The Select client dialog box appears.)
  3. Select Mary Maearena and click on [Show] (The "Administrative Review" window appears.)
Note: To enter a new Administrative Case Review in the database, you would enter applicable information on the Administrative Case Review screen and click on the Add button.
  1. The details of the Administrative Case Review are not entered - only a designated case reviewer, with their own sign-on, can enter data on this screen.

Updating the Case Plan
  1. From the Case toolbar, click on Case Plan (the Case Plan toolbar and "Case Planning - Macarena" window appears).
  2. Click on the Fam Ctr button. (The select family centered plan dialog box appears.)
  3. Select the most recent Case plan and click on the [Show] button. (The Family Centered toolbar appears above a blank window.)
  4. Click on the Fam Ctr Plan button. (The "Family Centered Plan Case Goals - Macarena" window appears.)
Note: The Copy button can be used to keep a record of the original plan in the database, and provide a copy of the plan in which you can make changes to reflect a plan update. You can then save the updated information back to the database. In this way, you will create an historical record of case plan activity.
  1. Click on the [Copy] button. (The screen returns quickly.)
  2. Change the information on this screen:
    • Select a plan completion date;
    • Select "administrative review" from the "reason for update" picklist;
    • Enter the family's situation details in the text box provided, as well as any other relevant data.
  3. Click on the [Add] button to record your changes.
Note: Plan approval is requested from the Obj/Svcs screen "Approval" button
  1. Click on the Obj/Svcs button. (The "Family Centered Plan Objectives/Services - Macarena" window appears.)
Note: The Svcs Plnr screen should be populated with services to the child that would continue or plan to be put into effect.
  1. Enter the objectives analysis in the box provided (mother's lack of concern may cause a change in case plan goals).
  2. Click on the [Add] button. Click on the Svcs Plnr button.

Documenting a Court approval of a Case Plan
  1. From the Fam Ctr toolbar, click Fam Ctr Plan. (The "Family Centered Plan Case Goals" window appears.)
  2. Click the Approved or Modified radio button and enter any comments from the court review, then click on [Change]

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