Upon completion of this lesson, you should be able to:


A Juvenile Petition was filed in Lancaster District Court which alleged that a twelve year old juvenile was delinquent in that he did "knowingly have in his possession an infernal machine, to wit, a four-five inch piece of copper tubing with gunpowder inside, a whole for a fuse, crimped on both ends, the said device was possessed while at the Happy Valley Junior High School." At the adjudicatory hearing on this matter, the juvenile, on the advice of counsel, entered a plea of "True." The court ordered the Division for Children, Youth and Families to conduct a Pre-Dispositional Investigation (PDI),

Based on a thorough review of court records and previous police involvement, the JSO determined that the juvenile did not have a history of negative police contact in the community and that this was the first petition involving this juvenile to come before the court. The JSO met with the juvenile, his mother, and school administrative personnel in the course of conducting the PDI. Statements gathered from the Investigation were documented in the PDI report and were supplemented with additional information which included the juvenile's status in school and the JSO's recommendations to the Court. the PDI was provided to the court five days in advance of the Dispositional hearing.

During the Dispositional hearing, the Court approved the recommendations of the JSO as they were documented in the PDI report. The Court ordered that the juvenile remain in his mother's home and be placed on Conditional release for a period of six months. In addition, the juvenile was ordered to provide six posters regarding the dangers of explosives to be hung in the local elementary school; to complete a three page report on "How the Lives of the Surviving Children of the Oklahoma Bombing Have Changed:; to continue in counseling; and to complete a tour of the Youth Development Center. The Conditions of Release stipulated that the curfew was to be set by the parent and the aforementioned orders were documented as "Special Conditions.

Creating a new Case directly without a referral/assessment
  1. From the Main toolbar, click on the Workload button. (The workload/case/referra1 dialog box appears.)
Note: All the buttons of the Case toolbar are locked until the summary screen is completed and added to the database
  1. Click on the Case radio button and click on the New radio button. Click on the [OK] command button. (The Case toolbar appears above the "Case Summary - New" window.)
  2. Enter details of the case on the summary screen and use the toolbar buttons to record the necessary information in the database.

Instructor demo: recording a delinquency case A sample delinquency case has been pre-created for this class. In order to save data entry time, the instructor will lead you through the screens used to record the information from the above scenario description. You will sign on as the JSO, Cliff DeWeller and access the BOMBER case to review this information.
  1. Exit the application using one of the three methods you learned earlier.
  2. Start the NH BRIDGES application from the WIN95 desktop.
  3. Sign on as UserID - cdewell, Password = training.
  4. Click on the Workload button until the Workload/Referral/Other dialog box appears.
  5. Click on the Case radio button. Make sure the Existing radio button is selected.
  6. Click on [Search...]. (The Case Search dialog box appears.) Type BOMBER and press Enter.
  7. Highlight the first Bomber case in the Case Search Matches screen and click on [Show].
  8. The instructor will lead you through the various screens of the Case toolbar.

The PDI Report The PDI report is found on the Court toolbar:
  1. From the Case toolbar, click on the Court button; from the Court toolbar, click on the PDI button.
  2. Complete the information on the PDI report screen, and click on Add when done.

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