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Note to people who came here via a search engine: You are not at New Hampshire's RSA web site (follow the link above if you wish to be there). This folder has excerpts from a chapter of the NH RSAs that have some relevance to understanding and working with the state's Division of Children, Youth, and Families. These pages collect several sections into one page that is easier to navigate than the state's pages.


Chapter 261: Certificates of Title and Registration of Vehicles

261:89 Vanity Number Plates.
The director is hereby authorized to design and to issue, under such rules as he shall deem appropriate, vanity number plates to be used on motor vehicles in lieu of other number plates. Such number plates shall be of such design and shall bear such letters or letters and numbers as the director shall prescribe, but there shall be no duplication of identification. Such number plates or a changeable designation of the effective period thereof, as the director shall determine, shall be issued only upon application therefor and upon payment of a special fee of $25, said special fee to be in addition to the regular motor vehicle registration fee and any other number plate manufacturing fee otherwise required by law for the particular vehicle. All special fees collected under this section shall be paid to the state treasurer and distributed as provided by RSA 263:52.

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